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Don’t Wait for Your Salary to Party, When You Have FlexPay in Your Mobile

Parties can be an expensive affair if you pay upfront, discouraging you from celebrating your special occasions. But, with FlexPay, your celebrations and special parties don’t have to wait for your payday. You can party now and pay later. When you apply for a loan with FlexPay, you will get approved for a line of credit if you are a salaried professional. You can use the approved credit limit to pay for all your expenses. Food, decor, place, or gifts; you can spend on anything and everything with FlexPay and make your special day a memorable one.

Features and Benefits of FlexPay

  • Big credit limit: Borrow any amount from the smallest sum of Rs. 4,000 up to a maximum of Rs. 2,00,000 with FlexPay to host your parties.
  • Relaxed eligibility: Even with a salary of Rs. 8000/month, you can apply for a credit line with FlexPay and get approved easily.
  • Flexible payback: Easy to pay in flexible repayment options as there are no fixed EMIs. You can pay off your dues to FlexPay without any additional charges at any time.
  • No collateral: Getting approval for a credit limit is not a challenge anymore because of collateral, as we don’t demand any collateral. Your salary proof and bank statements are enough to prove your eligibility for the loan.
  • Renewal with part payment: You can renew your credit limit anytime easily with part payments as it works like a revolving line of credit.

Party Now Pay Later with FlexPay

  • Celebrate all occasions: Celebrate all your events whether small or big with FlexPay. FlexPay will be with you to make you happy, enjoy now and pay later. If you got a promotion at your job, anniversary, birthday, you want to give a gift to your loved ones, have a get-together, or anything you are happy about; party with FlexPay anytime and pay later easily.
  • No worries about the long guest list: With FlexPay by your side, you don’t have to strike out names from your guest list for your birthday party. Invite all your loved ones and have a blast because it’s your special day.
  • Pay for the food and decors: Throwing a multi-cuisine party is great because delicious food is the big charm of a party. Feed all your guests with great food in a lively ambience. Decorate the best or plan a theme party; FlexPay will take care of all food and decor.
  • Shop for gifts and return gifts: When you want someone to feel special or want to create a good memory, gifts play a big role. When you have your beloved people around you, and you want it to always be remembered, a return gift becomes the best souvenir. You can shop for the finest presents for such occasions and pay with FlexPay easily.
  • Plan a destination party: A destination party is no doubt superb; they not just make your day wonderful but also take all you ache for party planning. You can plan a destination party with FlexPay anywhere in India.

From a birthday to a wedding party, bachelor’s or Bachelorette party, friends’ reunion, or anything you want to celebrate for, with FlexPay, you no longer have to wait for your salary to throw a party. Just download FlexPay on your mobile right away, apply for a loan and get approved up to 2,00,000 within a few hours.