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How Can You Use Flexpay in Grocery Store?

Using FlexPay, you are just one scan away to complete the transaction. You can simply use the FlexPay mobile app and scan the QR code and pay to anyone. Now no longer do you have to be in long billing lines and wait for your turn to pay. It’s a simple and quick method of payment that is not just time-saving but also safe. Knowing its good features you might be wondering, how can you use FlexPay in grocery stores? Then here is the answer. Below is the process that you can follow and complete your payments at a grocery store using FlexPay credit.

How Can You Use FlexPay in Grocery Stores?

Step 1: Download the FlexPay app on your mobile phone and start your loan application by providing your name, contact number, and PAN.

Step 2: Upload the requested documents and wait for the verification and approval of credit.

Step 3: Once your details are verified, your loan will be approved within no time.

Now as your loan is approved, when you visit a grocery store, you can just scan the QR code and pay easily in seconds with the available credit in your FlexPay account.

Knowing how you can use FlexPay in grocery stores or any other store can be very helpful for you in shopping anywhere in India. When your account is running low on cash, your salary is late or unplanned expenses are hitting you; no more you have to worry! With FlexPay, you can easily borrow credit within a few hours and pay anyone. You can pay later to us whenever you need in flexible payments. There is no fixed EMI. Not just this, but it has many more great features that make it the best of all.

Why Use FlexPay?

  • At FlexPay, quick credit approval is given on your request without any credit check. Your income proof is enough to prove your eligibility and payback capacity.
  • With a minimum monthly salary of Rs. 8,000, you can borrow at FlexPay for a credit limit up to Rs. 2,00,000 starting from Rs. 4,000.
  • This is like a pay later app that you can use to track your spending behaviour also. You can check the expenses made and eliminate the ones you could.
  • FlexPay is a ubiquitous pay later app that works at every shop. In India, you can use this anytime and anywhere.
  • The app is end-to-end encrypted. No third party can see the personal, financial credentials shared by you. All the details remain safe and just between you and FlexPay.
  • For making cashless and contactless payments, FlexPay works the best. It can help you in quick and covid-safe payments when physical distancing has become a routine life thing.

Knowing how you can use FlexPay in grocery stores, you are just one step away from an awesome payment experience. Also, not just in grocery stores, but you can use FlexPay to pay at any shop. Accessing this anytime and anywhere is 100% online and the safest. The customer service is at your assistance all the time. When you know how you can use FlexPay in a grocery store or in any shop for that matter, it saves you a lot of time while also providing a secure payment gateway.