What is a PayLater Account How Does It Work

A PayLater account is a zero-interest digital credit line usually. With this, you can borrow a certain credit limit and use it for payments when you don’t have cash and repay later as per your convenience. Since this works digitally through mobile phones, it is often called epaylater. On this, the interest is imposed only on the used portion of the approved limit, until it remains unpaid. Being a digital credit line, accessible 24*7, and interest charged proportionally, a pay later account works as the best financial backup.

How Does a PayLater Account Work?

On the basis of your eligibility, the lender will decide the credit limit for your pay later account. Your eligibility is decided by the lender based on your income, credit score, and a few other factors. If you meet their requirements, the approval is granted easily. While shopping or making any payments you can choose to pay under epaylater with the already approved credit limit.

If you are shopping online, on the checkout page you can enter all your UPI details and complete the transaction. If you are shopping offline, there are modern apps that have come into the market which help you to simply scan the QR code or enter the UPI details of the payee and complete the payment in one click. FlexPay is one such app through which you can scan and pay money at any store easily. You will be charged interest only for the sum you have used. You can repay the borrowed money in flexible payments whenever you can.

Why Choose a Pay Later Account?

When you have some cash crunch, unforeseen expenses, or don’t want to drain out cash in bulk; a PayLater account is very helpful. You no longer need to ask for money from friends or family with a fear of denial. With epaylater, you can meet all your financial requirements even when you have a low cash balance or no cash balance at all. With this, you can spend for anything using your approved credit and pay later in chunks as convenient to you. With a small interest, you can pay later the dues gradually. This also saves you from breaking any of your savings or investments when you have a cash crunch.

When to Use a PayLater Account?

A PayLater account or epaylater is a credit-based payment system that you can use for any needs. Whether it’s a recharge, shopping for groceries, grabbing a live sale or if there is an emergency, this is an all-in-one solution for every need. Not just a multipurpose credit facility, it’s also easy to use with your phone or UPI account. If the last few days of the month become a financial challenge for you or you need some financial backup to meet all your additional expenses, a PayLater account can be the best help for you.

Why is FlexPay’s PayLater Account the Best?

  • Easy eligibility, with just a monthly salary of Rs.8000, you can apply for a Paylater account at FlexPay.
  • This is a multipurpose credit facility that you can use for all your variable needs. 
  • It gives a good credit limit starting from Rs. 4000 up to Rs. 2,00,000. You can apply for any amount in this range and get approval within no time.
  • Flexible payback options are provided with FlexPay. You can pay back the used sum in variable installments without any penalty.
  • Flexible tenure of 3-36 months is provided, during which you can repay anytime.

With FlexPay’s pay later account, you can make cashless payments in a secured way anywhere and at any time. The lender provides you quick approval on credit, and also you can track your spending since this records all your expenses. If you are a salaried employee, you can avail a credit line from FlexPay using its simple online loan application form. Express disbursal, flexible repayment tenure, and reasonable rates applied. Flexpay’s epaylater or PayLater account can be the best option for you whenever you need instant access to cash.