How-to-Use-FlexPay-Credit-What-Types-of-Payments-Can-be -Done-by-FlexPay

FlexPay is a revolving, digital credit line with which you can spend the approved credit for all your needs and wants. When you spend with Flexpay, you pay interest only on the sum used. This is an easy and affordable credit option unlike other types of loans. It is extremely easy to use FlexPay credit. Let us see how to use FlexPay for payments and know why this is a great credit option for you.

Features and Benefits of FlexPay

  • Easy eligibility criteria: Getting credit is easy with FlexPay as it has easy eligibility criteria. With a monthly salary of Rs. 4,000, you can borrow a credit limit of up to Rs. 3,00,000. 
  • No credit check: At FlexPay no credit check is done for the approval of your credit limit. Just based on your income, and bank statement your eligibility is assessed and approval is given.
  • Big credit limit: FlexPay has a vast credit limit varying between Rs.500 to Rs. 3,00,000. It is suitable for all sorts of needs while you can also renew your used credit limit with part payments
  • Easy repayment: As easy it is to get money on FlexPay, it’s equally smooth to repay as no fixed EMIs are there. You can pay back in flexible payments at your convenience.
  • Flexible tenure: You get a flexible tenure of 3-36 months in which you can repay your dues anytime without any additional charges or penalties.

Where Can You Use FlexPay?

You can use FlexPay wherever you go. It is very helpful when you don’t have cash in your bank account but have to pay money for your needs.

Pay by Scanning the QR Code

  • Pay at the grocery store: You just have to enter your payable amount in the grocery store and scan the QR code to pay. You no longer need to be in long billing lines when you know how to use FlexPay and have an approved credit limit.
  • Pay at restaurants: Your dining out plans don’t have to wait for your salary anymore. With FlexPay, you can make payments by simply scanning the QR code at the restaurants, and pay them in one tap.
  • Pay for cab rides: Early in the morning or late in the night or anytime, payments for your cab rides are not a hassle anymore. If you have your approved FlexPay credit, just scan the QR code present in the cab and pay easily. Since you don’t have to exchange cash, it’s time-saving, and you don’t have to look for change at odd times.

Transfer Money from Your FlexPay Account to Your Bank Account and Use for Your Needs

  • Pay your EMIs: You can transfer your approved credit of FlexPay to your bank account and then make payments for your EMIs. With FlexPay by your side, you don’t have to pay any late payment fees or penalties for a delay in payment if your account is running low on cash.
  • Pay for recharges: Phone bills, television or internet recharges, taxes, or any utility bills; all can be paid with FlexPay by transferring the money from FlexPay account into your bank account.
  • Cash withdrawal: If you need some cash, with FlexPay you are always cash-ready. By simply transferring some amount from your approved credit limit to your bank account, you can withdraw the cash anytime from any ATM, and meet all your needs.

FlexPay Helps in Festival Times

If you have FlexPay, you are festival-ready even when you have no cash in your bank account. You can shop for everything you need by scanning the QR code or by transferring the amount from FlexPay to your bank account. The best part is repayments, as you can pay back in variable payments as convenient to you. FlexPay helps the best in cash crunch situations and also saves you from cash drain in one go.

FlexPay credit is only approved to salaried professionals in India with a minimum salary of just Rs. 4,000. Apply now and get up to 3,00,000 within a few hours. If you have FlexPay, you are never out of money.