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About FlexPay Personal Loan Online

FlexPay personal loan is an unsecured personal loan for salaried. It comes with easy eligibility criteria. Everyone with a salary of Rs.4,000/m or above can apply for it. The credit limit is calculated based on your income statements. No hard credit pull is done here but with sound credit health, you can get a better loan deal.

How Personal Loan Online Works

FlexPay instant personal loan online works as a line of credit. A line of credit is a credit limit approved on your account for a particular period. Out of this credit limit, you can keep borrowing the money you need. The interest on this personal loan for salaried employees is calculated only when you spend the money. Whereas in a personal loan the interest is calculated on the lumpsum approved from day one.

Being an unsecured loan you can avail of this as a personal loan on a salary slip. Based on your salary slip and bank statements the credit limit is calculated. With a simple application process, you can have personal loan instant approval here.


Along with being an easy to apply personal loan it's equally relaxed with its eligibility criteria. Just meet the following two criteria to apply for an instant personal loan online here. As a borrower, you must be-

Citizen Must be an Indian Citizen
Age Must be 21 or above
Occupation You must be a salaried professional.
Income You must have a minimum salary of Rs.4,000K/m.

Features and Benefits of Personal Loan Online

100% online
You can apply for this personal loan in a 100% digital application process. This personal loan is available 24x7 making it perfect for emergency cash needs as well. Using the mobile app or the official website of FlexPay, a personal loan for salaried employees is the fastest.
Simple process
Without any professional help you can get the personal loan in no time as it has a simple application process. With the auto-direct facility of the apps and the website, the application becomes even smooth.
Instant approval
For this personal loan, all the stages are completed digitally. It is time-saving and helps with instant approval. Once approved instant credit is given on this personal loan in the salary account.
Track spending
While you can easily get a personal loan also you can keep track of your expenses. Every time you pay using the flex pay app it is recorded by it. You can check all the expenditures to maintain your budget. It helps in eliminating unnecessary expenses as well.
Easy repayment
While you get an instant personal loan online you can also pay it back smoothly. It offers flexible repayment options where variable instalments are accepted without any additional charges. No fixed EMIs are mandatory. It helps salaried people who manage all their expenses within a fixed monthly income.

Why choose FlexPay for Personal Loan

Works as a line of credit
FlexPay instant personal loan online works as a line of credit. A credit line is a credit limit approved on your account. Out of this credit limit, you can keep withdrawing the money as you need. You pay the interest only on the used portion of the loan. This is better than any other personal loan where the interest is calculated on lumpsum. Albeit, the interest on other instant personal loans starts accumulating from day one irrespective of the money used.
High credit limit
A personal loan in India offers a large credit limit. Starting from Rs.500 to Rs.3,00,000 you can borrow any sum as required. This credit limit suits both your small and bigger financial needs.
Less stringent credit check
You can avail of a personal loan after a soft credit pull. No hard credit check is mandatory here. You can get this personal loan on salary slips and bank statements only. Being a personal loan for salaried employees, it serves them the best as well.
Reasonable interest rates
Personal loan on salary slip comes with a reasonable rate of interest. Although no collateral backs up your loan, it doesn't affect the rate of interest applied. Based on your salaried income and credit health you can also negotiate for a better rate of interest.
Easy credit renewal
When you apply for an instant personal loan online, it comes with an easy renewal feature. After full repayment, you can revive the credit limit and start spending the money. Having this, you don't have to apply from scratch every time you need a personal loan.

How to Apply for an Instant Personal Loan on FlexPay App?

  • Registration: Registration is like opening a bank account but digitally. You just have to enter your name, contact and PAN details to complete this. After registration, you can check online all the loan-related details like rates and charges.
  • Application: At this stage, you enter all the personal details like; occupation, income, tenure of the loan and amount you need.
  • Documentation: Documentation is minimal and digital on this personal loan. This is well known for a paperless instant personal loan. You can easily upload all the documents using the app or the website.
  • Verification: No physical verification is done to get an online personal loan. Neither do you have to visit anywhere nor anyone visits you to check the creditworthiness of all the records. Through a video call verification is completed and personal loans online instant approval is granted.

Instant Personal Loan in your City

Personal loan instant approval is available in all the cities in India. This is a 100% online personal loan that you can avail of from your comfort. When you are stuck in an emergency you need not visit a bank or any other lender. From metro cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Lucknow, and Calcutta to small cities; you can get an instant personal loan online in no time.

Instant Personal Loan Options - Amount

This instant personal loan comes with a large credit limit. It varies between Rs.500 to Rs.3,00,000 making it perfect for both small and bigger cash needs.

Different Ways to Use FlexPay Personal Loan

Scan and pay
After personal loan online instant approval, you can choose to scan and pay. This is the best way to make cashless transactions. Starting from grocery shopping, and cab rides to home loan EMIs; you can manage all the expenses using this personal loan.
Credit transfer
You can easily transfer credit from one another user of FlexPay. With personal loan instant approval you can start spending the money immediately.
Cash withdrawal
You can get a personal loan on a salary account. From this account, you can keep drawing cash. You can use a cheque or an ATM as well.


You can use the mobile app to apply for an immediate personal loan. You can also use its official website for the instant personal loan. It has four steps to complete namely; registration, application, documentation and verification. Since we provide paperless instant personal loan approval all the process are completed digitally.

You can get a personal loan immediately using the mobile app. It has a 100% online application process followed by minimal documentation. Through a video call the verification is completed and Immediate approval on instant personal loan online is granted. Within 24 hours you can access the money in your account.

When you apply for a personal loan online you must check if the lender has secured lending platform. At flicks pay you get the end to end encrypted app and the website. It keeps your data secure and removes all the privacy breach. Second you should check the eligibility criteria and credit limit offered by the lender. It should match your details and requirement. Check out the documents required and the process of verification. Here all the stages are completed digitally. It is time saving and you get the instant personal loan approval.

FlexPay works the best for personal loan quick approval. It was a simple application process followed by minimal and digital documentation. Verification is also completed online through a video call. After the successful verification no waiting time is there in disbursement. Instant credit is granted that you can access within a few hours of application.

Yes, FlexPay app Is the best instant personal loan app. It has a 100% online application process. You can easily upload all the documents and proceed for verification using this. After successful verification instant approval is granted followed by quick disbursement. For emergency cash needs it works the best.

A personal loan is suitable for variable financial requirements. Since this loan does not come with a purpose restriction you can spend it for all your cash needs. Whether it is a medical emergency or educational requirement or just for shopping; this loan can work for all your needs. When you need to get instant personal loan you can use FlexPay. Here at reasonable rate of interest the loan is given exclusively to salaried professionals.

No, if you apply for flex pay personal loan you don't have to provide a security or collateral or present or guarantor. This is a 100% unsecured personal loan. You can get this personal loan in salary account just based on your salary slips and bank statements. Sometimes a soft credit check is done but never a hard credit pull is required.

A personal loan is a multipurpose loan that you can use for all your financial requirements. You can use the flex P personal loan with the scan and pay system along with credit transfer and cash withdrawal from your salary account. This loan is an easy to use and versatile credit facility available for all the salaried professionals. Since it comes with a reliance eligibility criteria where anyone with a salary of Rs.4,000 per month or above can apply for it it's suitable for newcomers in job as well.

Yes, and existing customer can apply for a FlexPay personal loan. It is given as the renewal of the credit line. After full repayment of the previous loan you can easily get the new one. For this loan you don't have to apply from the scratch. The loan renewal is granted just in one click.

You can repay the loan in flexible payment system. No fixed EMI is are mandatory. Variable instalments are accepted without any additional charges. You can choose autodetect or pay the loan EMIs by your own.