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The financial capital of India, the Bollywood town,and the epicentre of great opportunities; Mumbai has it all. To avail the benefits this city offers and the work options it gives people look forward to working and living here. No doubt, you can earn a lot being a part of Mumbai, but looking for an Instant online loan in Mumbai is equally obvious. The city has a high cost of living, and having additional expenses is unstoppable. It means additional cash support is in demand all the time by everyone. If you are a working individual in Mumbai and a monetary need has hit you, get an Instant online loan in 1 hour in Mumbai from FlexPay

FlexPay Instant Online Loan in 1 Hour in Mumbai

FlexPay offers a line of credit as an instant online loan in Mumbai and everywhere in India, exclusively for salaried professionals. It has a short application system and takes only the mandatory documents for the credit help. No hard credit pull, no waiting time and no hidden charges make this the best choice for you. You can apply for it online and get the loan in your salary account within 24 hours. Approval is based on your income statement as this loan works as a credit on salary.

Why Choose FlexPay Instant Online Loan in Mumbai

Quick: The 100% digital application process makes it a quick loan. You have to register with our app to begin the application. Provide the basic credentials, fill in the amount needed, upload documents and done! Your e-KYC is completed through a video call followed by instant approval and immediate disbursement. In emergencies, this is the fastest financial aid you can choose.

Pocket friendly: As a line of credit this is already a pocket-friendly credit tool. You pay the interest only on the used part of the credit limit. Next is the reasonable and competitive rate of interest applied here. Despite the credit score is not being its sole base for approvals, with a high score you can negotiate for a better rate and loan deal. It applies no hidden charges, takes only one-time processing fees, and imposes no foreclosure charges if you end the loan before the term ends.

Multipurpose: Education, medical, bills, EMIs, wedding and gifting, travel, food or shopping; the list of needs is never-ending. So is the usage of the credit option as you can spend out of it for everything you pay. You can also use it in three ways; credit transfer, cash withdrawal or scan and pay. As long as you are having your phone with you, no need to depend on anyone for a credit back up.

Unsecured: Being an unsecured loan, this becomes the fastest credit option for you. It works perfectly for medical emergencies. You can apply for it 24*7, so in an emergency, you don't have to run to a bank for a loan. Anytime, from anywhere in India, you can get this loan just by giving your salary slips and bank statements. In time of need, there's no need to arrange for a mortgage to get the online loan you are looking for.

Revolving: You can use this credit tool as continuous credit support for your variable monetary needs. After full repayment, you can renew the credit limit with just one click. It saves you from applying for a new loan every time you have some cash needs. Also, it doesn't demand the credit check over and over which works in favour of your credit health.

Benefits of FlexPay Instant Online Loan in Mumbai

Relaxed Eligibility
We offer relaxed eligibility criteria. You can avail of it if your salary is a minimum of Rs.4,000/month. Without any hard credit pull, you can get this loan on a salary account.
Flexible Repayment
Here, you can pay off your dues in variable instalments. No fixed EMIs are mandatory for repayment at FlexPay. Besides this, you don't have to pay any additional charges for flexible EMIs. For a salaried individual, it's very helpful who is managing every expense on a fixed monthly income.
Flexible tenure
Here, a flexible tenure of 10 - 36 months is given during which you can repay your loan anytime. You have to pay minimum monthly dues to save from any penalties or late payment fees.
Large credit limit
We offer a credit limit of Rs.3,00,000, starting from Rs.500. It works perfectly for both your small and bigger financial needs. You can spend it on education, travel, grocery, home renovation, vehicle repair, shopping or anything else. This is not a purpose-specific loan like a car loan, education or home loan.
Easy to use
You can spend from this credit line by transferring credit from one to another account. Cash withdrawal by a cheque or from an ATM is also possible. The most commnly used way of spending from this is through scan and pay. In your daily life expenditure, it is a smooth yet quick transaction option. Paying for your cab ride, bill at a restaurant, booking a travel ticket, fees of an upskilling course, grocery shopping or at chemists; this can be all in one payment option.

Required Documents

  • PAN card
  • Aadhar card
  • Bank statements
  • Salary slips
  • One passport sized photograph


Citizen You must be an Indian citizen
Occupation You must be a salaried employee
Income Your salary must be min. 4,000k/m

The city of dreams, Mumbai, is the place that can offer tremendous opportunities for your career and financial growth. Whether you are living, working, traveling, pursuing education, or seeking medical treatment, this city will never disappoint you. However, it can also be a heavy burden on your finances. The cost of vegetables, milk, fruits, academics, commute, restaurants, healthcare, and entertainment is significantly higher compared to other parts of India. In such cases, if you find yourself in need of an instant online loan in Mumbai, the FlexPay credit line can be the perfect solution for you.

With relaxed eligibility, an easy application process, minimal documentation, quick approval, and reasonable interest rates, this line of credit will never let you down. Whether you are new to credit or a newcomer to the job market, you are welcomed as a customer here. Give this online credit facility a try and fulfill your need for an instant online loan in just 1 hour in Mumbai.


You can use our mobile app or the official website to apply for this loan. Salaried professional can apply for this loan from their comfort zone and get instant credit approval. It works as a loan on a salary that you can get based on your income statement and after a soft credit check. The application process is 100% digital and within 24 hours you can avail of cash in your account.

With your identity proof, address proof and income proof you can complete the documentation here. For this, you have to provide your Aadhaar card, PAN card, and salary slip along with one passport-size photograph only.

We give the loan in the form of a credit limit which means you are liable to pay the interest only after spending the money. Since you pay the interest only on the used part it becomes a pocket-friendly credit option for you. It's a 100% digital credit told that comes with a reasonable rate of interest and zero hidden charges. Since it is easy to renew based on borrowers' behaviour you can keep using it as a permanent credit backup for all your financial requirements.

Here no hidden charges or extra charges applied. Based on your income statement and soft credit check the approval is granted and only a one-time processing fee is taken. The rate of interest is not only competitive but also it is taken only after you spend the money. We also do not take any foreclosure charges or prepayment fees if you decide to close your loan before the term ends.

If you are a salaried professional, you can avail this loan based on your salary slips and bank statement. Salaried Professional with a constant income of at least 4,000 per month is eligible to apply for this loan.