Instant Cash Loans for Emergency Situations: Is it the Right Choice

Emergencies often come without warning and at the worst possible times. Whether it’s a medical crisis, unexpected educational expenses for your children, last-minute travel plans, or a great sale, you may find yourself in need of additional cash. However, before these needs leave you broke and derail your financial goals, consider taking out an emergency instant cash loan. This way, you can meet your urgent financial needs immediately and pay back the loan in instalments later.

Instant Cash Loan

An emergency instant cash loan is a short-term personal loan. This loan is given for a small amount and against no collateral. Being an unsecured and quick credit facility it’s the most suitable solution when you are stuck in an emergency. Without having to go anywhere or asking for any financial help from friends or family you can avail of this facility.

Features of an Instant Cash loan

  1. Unsecured: An immediate instant cash loan is an unsecured personal loan. In times of emergency, you don’t have to arrange for collateral. Just based on your credit score or the income statement you can avail of this loan.
  2. Short-term: This loan is a short-term loan which means you can borrow it for a few months to a few years. No need to unnecessarily linger on the loan when not needed. Also, if not possible to pay off a bigger instalment you can stretch the term. This flexibility helps in the smooth repayment of the loan.
  3. Quick loan: This loan is a quick credit facility in which credit within a few hours is granted. When you need cash immediately it’s a very useful feature. Suppose you need additional money in a medical crisis, it’s not possible to rush to the bank. Waiting for some relatives is also not possible but by using this loan you can easily access the cash.

Advantages of an Instant Cash Loan

  1. Easy access: Simple application and easy availability are the top advantages of instant cash loans from FlexPay. An emergency loan is a quick credit facility that you can access online. Being a digital credit option you can avail of it 24*7 and from anywhere.
  2. Minimal documentation: Just with your identity proof, address proof and income statements you can complete its documentation. No soft copy is required since this is a 100% paperless loan.
  3. Instant approval: Along with the easy application and smooth documentation, equally fast is its approval. After online verification instantly the loan is granted. At FlexPay you can avail of an instant cash loan in 1 hour

How to Get an Emergency Cash Loan from FlexPay?

  • Registration: Register with the lender using the FlexPay app or the website. Enter the name, contact and PAN details for completing the process. After this step you can check the loan-related details like; rates and charges and terms and conditions.
  • Application: Here you also provide your income and occupation details along with the loan sum required and its tenure. All the pages are auto-directed hence without any professional help you can complete this process.
  • Documentation: Identity proof, address proof and income proof are required to upload at this stage. At FlexPay you have to give only your Aadhar card, PAN card, Salary slips, bank statements and one passport sized-photograph.
  • Verification: Completed the e-KYC via a video call for verification. Here the creditworthiness of all your records is observed. No physical verification is there. Neither someone visits you nor do you have to go anywhere to complete the formalities.
  • Approval: After successful verification, instant approval is given on this emergency loan. Quick approval is followed by instant disbursal. At FlexPay you can access the money within 1 hour when you apply for an immediate cash loan.

Who can Apply for an Emergency Cash Loan from FlexPay?

To meet the eligibility for instant cash loans at FlexPay is relaxed. To apply for it following are the norms to meet-

  • You must be an Indian citizen and resident
  • Your age be a minimum of 21 years
  • You must be a salaried professional
  • Your income must be Rs.4,000/m or above

You can apply for an emergency loan of up to Rs.3L from FlexPay. The loan amount starts from Rs 500 to Rs 3L. It has flexible payback options where variable instalments are accepted without any additional charges. You can pay off the loan anytime within a tenure of 3-36 months. Also, no foreclosure charges are applied when you decide to pay off your loan in one go. You can use this loan for various financial requirements as well. In times of need it works as a one-stop solution for all the needs you may have.