Diwali Spending Tips

The Diwali season is all about decorating the house, planning get-togethers, and spending lots of time with your loved ones. Everyone should get to enjoy the festival of lights however they like. During this time, your spending could increase dramatically. The list of things to buy can include new clothing, accessories, desserts, party supplies, gadgets, presents, and house decorations.

However, it is important to pay enough attention to the expenses that come along to avoid the risk of becoming financially crippled. Here are a few ways to spend responsibly and manage your finances effectively this Diwali:

Plan ahead. Avoid shopping at the last minute.

Be sensible and make plans in advance. It is best to know where and what you’re going to buy when you go shopping for things like groceries, consumables, sweets, gifts, and more. If you need to finance your Diwali purchases, consider getting an online shopping loan. These loans are quick and easy to apply for, and they can help you to get the money you need to buy all the things you need for the festival. It’s a common marketing ploy for companies to raise their prices just before a festival, giving the last-minute buyers no choice but to pay whatever price is requested. Additionally, try purchasing essentials like cards, candles, gifts, and other Diwali decorations from roadside sellers or non-profit organizations that sell handmade items instead of those found in upscale shops and malls. This way, you can save money while doing good.

Make a list. Set a budget.

Establish a spending limit for shopping based on your income, outstanding debts, and bank balance. You can estimate the cost by writing down the anticipated purchases. As you should always keep in mind, practising financial discipline will ensure that you are not financially burdened.

If you don’t know what to buy, it’s very easy to become distracted the instant you enter a store. If you don’t make purchases based on a set priority list, you run the risk of going over budget and wasting money on things you don’t actually need.

Curb the urge to do impulsive shopping.

It’s that time of year when “super bumper discounts” tempt you into purchasing items you may not actually need. Take a step back and consider your purchases carefully. Don’t randomly buy things because they are on sale.

Utilise festival specials and discounts.

Almost all brick-and-mortar and online retailers advertise their end-of-year sales throughout the festive season. One of the best pieces of money-saving advice to take every year is this one! During the festive season, everything is on sale, from household goods like appliances and clothing to automobiles and groceries. You can save a lot of money by purchasing your necessities at deeply discounted prices. Be sure to gather and use cashback and coupon offers.

Looking for a Festival Loan?

Need to finance your festive purchases? Consider a festival loan  quick and easy to apply for, get the money you need for the festival without breaking the budget.

Diwali is the time for bonuses. Use a part to pay off EMIs.

It can be stressful to literally live in debt, both emotionally and financially. The Diwali bonus you earned at work can be used to manage your money. Ensure some of it goes toward paying off existing debts’ EMI. When one has additional cash on hand, one should think about prepaying loans partially or completely, depending on their individual financial situation. However, you should only do it if your loan has no prepayment penalties. Also, consolidating several existing small loans into a single one can improve EMI management, resulting in EMI cost savings.

What to do in the case of overspending during festivals?

If you overspent on your credit cards over Diwali, it is important to start making small payments right away so that the balance is reduced by the time the statement is generated.

Consumers can utilize FlexPay to pay for their basic or aspirational demands because it gives customers complete flexibility in terms of payback possibilities. The ideal method for timely repayment, regardless of the payment option, is to automate payments.

Save up in advance, or FlexPay can help you.

You should be able to cover your festive expenses efficiently if you start tracking your spending a few months in advance and saving a portion of your income each month. This forward preparation will provide you with the freedom to proceed with significant purchases or travel plans without worrying about how they will affect your long-term financial objectives. If you didn’t have any savings before the festival, you can always get a line of credit from FlexPay to scan and pay for your purchases. With flexible repayment options, you will be able to manage your finances efficiently.


A line of credit from Vivifi India Finance’s FlexPay can help you tide over your festive expenses in case you haven’t saved money or received a bonus for this Diwali. The collateral-free revolving line of credit, with flexible repayment options and no hidden charges, can cover your expenses this festive season and help you manage your finances in the long run without letting you fall into a debt trap. And it gives you the flexibility to make repayments at your convenience.